My grandfather taught me to sail when I was very young, and I have sailed every summer in the islands outside of Tønsberg, Norway. I try to sail at 5 weekends a year, with many small trips and at least one longer (3+ days) trip.


Here follows a short overview of the vessels I have commanded.

Rubber Duck

The first ship I ever commanded on my own was an Optimist named Rubber Duck:
Rubber Ducky

After my brothers and I had our turns attempting to navigate the little bathtub, we were allowed to sail the slightly bigger boat.

The Killingen


The Killingen (English: The Goat Kid) is by far the boat I have the most experience navigating in. It’s a 17 footer that’s visited every island between Føynland and Store Rauer in the Oslofjord.

The Robyn


Robyn is the name of a Swedish singer who performed at the Roskilde Festival 2019. It is also the name of the boat that Andreas and I bought at the same festival. Robyn is an EDEL 665 from 1975, and bears a striking resemblance to a bird with a homophonic name, with her wide red hull. She is currently moored at Bådklubben Molen , right next to Mette and Amalie’s Afrodite and Mathilde’s Scilla.