My favorite Gyms, based on location

There are many gyms I like. These are my favorites

Trondheim, Norway

  • When I’m home to visit my parents, I like going to Grip Leangen for bouldering.
  • However, if I can find someone with equipment, I prefer going to DragWall - there’s always a lot of challenging and inventive routes to climb.

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • I climb sport at Blocs&Walls 3ish times a week.
  • If I’m bouldering, I go to Nørrebro Klatreklub (and maybe head out for a falafel afterwards)
  • If I bring people who are new to the sport, I usually go to Beta Boulders

Seoul, South Korea

  • I had a blast at TheClimb Hongdae in Seoul in 2019. They had, by far, the best showers I have ever seen in a climbing gym.

Leiden, The Netherlands

  • In 2019, I went to visit Liv, and we spent a full day studying and climbing at Boulderhal Kunsthof , where I sent some of Endre’s projects. It is well-equipped and the staff make a mean vegan cappuccino.