Climbing Trips

Climbing Trips

Mountaineering - A sport that is to other sports what champagne is to bock beer. Peter Wessel Zappfe

A climbing trip usually involves a combination of two (or three) of my passions: hiking and climbing.

Fontainebleau 2018

In the spring of 2018, I went with Tobias, Laura, Trine, Mathias, Jens, Duncan, Franziska, Greg and Katrine from Nørrebro Klatreklub to spend a week in Fontainebleau, the magical climbing forest outside of Paris. As is customary for newcomers, I spent 4 days in 2018 falling off what seemed like every rock in the forest.

Trying hard in Font
Here’s Jens, Mathias, and Duncan standing ready to catch me when I inevitably would fall off the first problem I tried in Font.

Bornholm 2018

A couple of weeks later, Andreas and Luc brought me along to Bornholm to go climbing with the Dansk Bjerg- og Klatreklub. For 4 full days, most of the sport climbers in Denmark seemed to be hanging out in Moseløkken stenbrud, climbing and camping.

Vietnam 2018

In the fall of 2018, I was on exchange in Beijing. Sara came from New Zealand to Saigon and we backpacked around for 20 days, reaching the adventure island Cat Ba, where I got to try Deep Water Soloing for the first time. I also got to meet Lisa and her family, who was visiting her and her boyfriend on their backpacking trip!