I’ve climbed actively since 2015, when I moved to Copenhagen. In USG, Jesper and I climbed together for 3 seasons, and it was through USG that I met Tobias, Annemette, Laura, and Daniel. From these friendships, I went on my first real climbing trip to Fontainebleau.

In January of 2018, I was granted a membership of the exclusive Nørrebro Klatreklub in Copenhagen, where I regularly go bouldering with Andreas, Daniel, Philip, or Nikki.

In September 2019, I also joined Dansk Bjerg- og Klatreklub, so I could climb at Blocs&Walls , where I spend most of my climbing time.

As of March 2020, I am a certified Instruktør 2 in the Danish Klatreforbund, which means I can give belay courses for climbing indoors.

Training & Resources

After 3 years in the PAAVO running programme at Seven Lakes High School, I am a firm believer in structured training. I personally find Klatrebibelen as well as Eric Hörst’s Training For Climbing instructive and useful.