I’m Magnus.

Nice to meet you! This is my personal frontpage.

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Where I’m from

I grew up in Trondheim, Norway, and attended Ranheim Skole for 7 years, before I moved with my family to Houston, Texas for 3 years.

Upon returning, I spent 2 interesting years in the International Baccalaureate at Katta, from which I was a “Russ” in 2015.

Where I am now

I currently live at the Hørhus Kollegiet in Amager, Denmark, where I manage the sauna, and live with a lovely bunch of people.

When I’m not at home, I spend most of my time at the University of Copenhagen, where I pursue a PhD at the Hatzakis Lab.

What I like to do

I spend the remainder of my waking hours pursuing my hobbies and interests, catching up with family, and trying to eat my way through all the vegan restaurants in Copenhagen.